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Give A Bird A Break!


I know, I know, I know...I haven't posted anything on this blog for nearly a week.

I've been wanting to and needing to, but I've been neck-deep in other projects that have kept me from spending the time on my photography that I'd like.

Last night I FINALLY finished a huge photo book project about our trip to Brazil, something I've been meaning to do ever since we returned in October.  It took me until November to get the photos edited, then came Thanksgiving and Christmas and, well, you all know how time flies by and before we know it here it is over halfway through the month of January!

Yesterday, this poor cardinal was trying to get himself a drink out of the nearly-frozen-over pond.  Do you ever wonder how in the world birds can survive these frigid temperatures we've been having?  I nearly freeze just walking out into the "heated" garage...

If it's going to be so cold, at least let's have some snow!  Wouldn't this handsome fella look gorgeous perched on a snow-covered pine bough?

I'm placing my weather requests today...28 degrees, no wind, 4" of fresh snow, and brilliant blue skies.  The perfect January day!

Enough of these nasty frigid temps with unrelenting wind and gray, gray skies...

Give a girl bird a break!



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