Gramaw's Christmas Joys
And So It Begins

So Much More Than Cards


Almost 3 years ago, this group of gals came together to form a euchre club.

We meet once a month to chit-chat, eat, and play euchre.  In that order.

But even though our card club is relatively new, our friendships are not!  We've all known each other for 30+ years, watching our children grow up together, sharing the highest joys and deepest sorrows that life on this earth has thrown at us over those years.  For a season there, we were all so consumed with our own families/lives/schedules and trying to survive those crazy years that we seldom saw each other.

We're making up for lost time now.  

Last evening, we gathered for our 3rd annual Christmas party at Brenda's house.  No cards, just the chit-chat, eating, exchanging Christmas tree ornaments, and laughing our way through a few rousing games of Family Feud.

I love these gals and look forward to seeing them every month...'s so much more than cards.



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