All is Calm
The Best was Last

Post-Christmas Craziness


Yes, we sure did have a fantastic family Christmas celebration on Saturday.

All 21 of us were here together, sharing a wonderful day of food, fellowship, and gifts.  

Then they all left...except these three Gray grandbabies which Kim and I are watching while their Mommy Kara and Daddy Kyler take a much-needed short get-away.

We're having a blast and the children are being really good, but I can't say things have slowed down much.  Yet.

So I'll catch you in a couple of days and finish up my Christmas posts.  But right now my computer time is very limited (it's 4:30 am as I'm typing this...) and I'm soaking up all the energy and love I can from Abram, Lucy, and Daniel.

The sweet, sweet sources of our... craziness.



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