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Gramaw's Christmas Joys


Eleven big little blessings right there...our grandchildren!

I thank God every day for bringing these little bundles of love and joy into our lives.



These photos are not to be taken for granted...behind me were 7 parents calling their names and acting crazy, trying to get them all to smile and look at the camera.  Someone should have taken a photo of the parents...



Kristoffer and Dana's children...Kassie (6 years old), Karter (11), Kaden (9 1/2), and Kelsey (6)...



Krew (5 1/2) and Juni (4) belong to Kamaron and Anique...



And these sillies Abram (5 1/2), Daniel (18 months), and Lucy (4 1/2) are the Kyler and Kara's children.

Our other two grandbabies are foster children...I wish I could show you their adorable sweet faces, but I'm not allowed to.  They may be fosters but we consider them our own!



Making memories with them is the best thing ever!  These grandbabies truly are...

...Gramaw's Christmas joys.



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