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Early Graduation Gift


My nephew Wyatt will be graduating from Florida's Trenton High School in May.

Mama's traditional graduation gift for her grandchildren has been a handmade quilt.  Wyatt is her 7th grandchild to graduate.



Since the quilt is finished and Wyatt is here for Thanksgiving (along with his Momma Maria and sister Seanna), Mama decided to go ahead and give it to him a few months early so he can begin enjoying it.



Wyatt is headed to University of Florida this fall on a baseball scholarship with the Gators, so how appropriate to make him a Gator-themed quilt.



Mama was excited to present her beautiful labor of love (making quilts is a lot more challenging for her than it used to be...) and Wyatt was thrilled to receive...

...his early graduation gift.




Your mom is the absolute sweetest. Her quilts are true treasures!

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