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Too Many Years


I let way too many years slip by before reconnecting with my high school friend Jenny.

Too often the busy craziness of life pushes aside the things that really matter.  Jenny (left middle), Karmen (right middle), and I all graduated together in the 96-member Hagerstown High School Class of 1975.  And although Karmen and I get together every so often, I don't remember having seen Jenny since high school 44 years ago.

That's way too many years.

So when Karmen suggested we make a road trip to Greenville, Ohio to visit our childhood friend, I was excited to go.  Karmen's brother Daryl joined us (he is friends with Jenny's husband Eric, who graduated with my husband Kim) for a lovely day with old friends.



Greenville has a lot of interesting history and things to see (I need to go back there soon to check out all the sites), not the least of which is their regionally famous Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe.  Of course, we had to have lunch there....



Not so appetizing driving through to order with a wall full of gum and pennies alongside.  Apparently it's a long-time (and pretty gross!) tradition to stick gum and sometimes coins on the brick wall... ugh, nasty.....



I ordered a classic Maid-Rite sandwich... a unique but quite tasty flavor.



A perfect afternoon picnicking with precious friends, reminiscing about old times and catching up on each other's lives.

We waited way too many years.



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