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The Long Way Home


My Dad did not like interstates and if possible always chose what us kids called "the long way home."

I guess I'm like Dad in that way because I will always choose to stay off the interstate if possible.  I too much prefer the small highways and backroads.



There are trips, of course, when time is of the essence and the fastest way is the best way.  But most of the time that's not the case, and I prefer to slow down and meander my way back home. 

Many of my trips to and from Cincinnati are like that.  If the weather is nice, I enjoy driving more scenic routes.  And I especially like to do that when Kim is at the wheel and I can get him to stop for me so I can take photos.



It's good for the soul to stop and smell the roses.

Or soak up the peaceful view of a creek out in the middle of nowhere.

Just to slow down and savor the journey....



...and take the long way home.



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