September Skies
First TD



As we've been cleaning out our childhood farmhouse with plans to sell it this fall (anyone interested???), we have come across countless "treasures."

Like this photo booth strip from the 1970s of me (bottom right) with my sisters Barb (in front) and Maria...which none of us girls can actually remember doing, as Dad and Mama would have thought that an extravagant and totally needless waste of money.

Sorting through the accumulation of 60+ years of life in that house on the County Line, we've laughed and reminisced a lot and shed a few tears.  It's an emotionally-draining job, and yet one that has made me treasure the wonderful childhood we had together even more.



We were an indomitable force back then.

And even more so now.

Barb and Maria know me better than anyone and understand things that no one else can.  I love them forever and always, and cannot imagine this journey through life without my smart, sassy, sweet, snarky,  and all-around-sensational...




Terri Chapman

OMG a treasure for sure...and you all look the same in the face... :)

I dread the day (which will be fast approaching) for my sis and I to be doing the same thing.

Love ya>>>

Janet Modjeski

Awwww love the picture

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