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Ola`, Brasil!


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By the time you read this, Kim and I will be in the Panatanal area of Brazil.

No doubt we'll be sweating up a storm, fighting off mosquitoes as big as our heads, sleeping in much-less-than-5-star jungle lodges...and having the time of our life!

The Pantanal is the largest wetlands on the globe and home to oodles of gorgeous birds and unique critters.  I've got my camera primed, my binoculars packed, and plenty of bug spray.  We are meeting up with a Peruvian guide that we spent several days exploring Peru's Manu National Park with a couple of years ago, and Nicolas is just as excited as we are as it has been his lifelong dream to visit the Pantanal.

Bring on the jungle adventure!

Ola`, Brasil!



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