Li'l Charmer

Kudos to the Honeybees


This weekend was a honey-and-cider kinda weekend.



And it's all because this happened back in May.

Our honeybees were working the orchard, collecting pollen and nectar and at the same time pollinating our apple trees.



I think every one of those blossoms formed an apple, as our trees are absolutely LOADED this year!



Saturday we robbed our two biggest beehives to harvest their excess honey.

Don't worry...we left plenty in the hive for them to eat this winter.



Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!  

Using a special hot knife, we slice off the wax cappings to get to the liquid gold inside.



Golden delicious sweet perfection!



The uncapped frames are placed in this extractor, where Kim uses his muscles to take advantage of centrifugal force to spin out the honey.

We ended up with 8 gallons this year, the lightest-colored honey we've had in awhile.

And it is so YUMMY too!



Then Sunday afternoon was round 2 of cider-making.

That antique cider press is at least 100 years old....sure has cranked out many a gallon of apple cider!



The apples go in the wooden hopper on top.  There are 7 varieties in this week's cider....Kim says a mix of different types makes for the tastiest cider.




The apples go through a chopper into this slatted basket....



...and then the lid is cranked down.....



...squeezing the juice out.

We run it through a cloth strainer to get out any stray seeds or apple chunks, then bottle it up.

We made 12 gallons this week.  But there will be lots more in the next couple of weeks!  (If you're local and want some, it's $5 per me your order)



The apple scraps are dumped on the garden for the bugs and fertilizer. 

My 83-year-old father-in-law Kenny is nothing short of amazing...he is still strong and such a hard worker.



Two of my favorite fall treats...honey and apple cider...both made possible by some extremely hard-working yet amazing little insects.

Kudos to the honeybees!




You’ll are amazing ‘nn

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