When Daddy's Away
Too Many Years

Around the Compound


Man, has it ever been HOT this week?!  I am so over these 90+ degree days and sooooo ready for fall!



I am 3 chrysalises away from packing up my butterfly paraphernalia for another season.  Since I started after we got home from vacation mid-July, we've raised and released over 30 monarchs.  Safe travels, my beauties, as you begin your migration to Mexico soon...



And speaking of beauties....

The grandkids next door have a new puppy.  Oliver is pretty darn cute, although he still doesn't hold a candle to his cute owners.  I know their family has missed having a dog and I'm happy for them to find one as sweet as little Oliver.



google image

Kim and I are gearing up for our next big adventure in a couple of weeks...exploring Brazil's Pantanal.  The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetlands on the entire globe, home to oodles of incredible and unique birds and wildlife like jaguars, caimans, giant anteaters, giant river otters, and some animals I've never even heard of let alone seen.  Cannot wait!!!



This is the view from our front porch right now.  After such a frustratingly rainy spring, I'm so thankful for this beautiful crop of corn, but I have to admit I'm ready for the corn to be harvested so I can see for miles and miles again.



Sunflowers and apples still abound, but summer is winding down...

...around the compound.



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