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Arachnid Beauty


Okay...I'm not a big fan of arachnids, but even my spider-wary eye recognizes beauty.

I know most of you couldn't care less, but for anyone that might this is a black-and-yellow argiope spider, also known as the garden spider or writing spider.



Even if you aren't a spider fan, at least surely we can all appreciate the amazing web-creating ability God placed within these little creatures.

Just incredible! 

I'm imagining that Charlotte from Charlotte's Web must have been an argiope spider, as she wrote words in her web.  See the "M" (or "W") in this web?



And they do eat bugs.  Lot of them.

Unfortunately, this one has snagged one of my honeybees while it was pollinating the gourds.

Nature's ways are sometimes cruel.



I am constantly blown away by the creativeness of God and His attention to even the tiniest of His creatures.  Just look at that web!

I still don't like spiders much, but I will admit there's beauty to be found everywhere, even in a spider.

Arachnid beauty.



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