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Simple Country Fun


One day last week, some of my grandbabies came over to spend the morning with Gramaw.

It was a glorious July day, and we spent it outside enjoying some simple country fun.



What better fun than swinging?!



Unless it's swinging AND singing silly made-up songs with Gramaw!



While his 3-year-old sister Lucy was a-swingin' and a-singin', 5-year-old Abram was very happy examining and cutting a bouquet of Queen Anne's lace for my table.



Abram is a country boy at heart...he loves sticks, fire, bugs, and finding outdoor treasures.



When their almost-the-same-age cousins Juni (3 1/2) and Krew (5) arrived, the fun multiplied.



Abram and Krew have very similar interests...they love exploring!

And looking for dinosaur bones.



We can't let late summer go by without collecting cicada shells...



...and lining them up for a parade.



Climbing the big pine tree behind the cabin has become the latest challenge for the Gray grandkids.  

Each time they go a little higher.



The next day, the next-door Gray kids took the tree-climbing to new heights.


Kaden (9) is at the very top with Kelsey (6 1/2) just to the right of him, halfway hidden behind branches.  Karter (11) is just below, and Kassie (6 1/2) is the smartest one of all hanging close to the ground.



Kaden was the leader of this tree-climbing expedition.

Let me just go out on a limb (pun intended...weak, I know...) that the very best kind of summer entertainment... simple country fun.



This was a great day! I spent so many of my days tree climbing growing up...makes me smile seeing our family has climbers! Ha.

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