50 Years Ago
Joy in the Journey

Nothing Boring about This Board


So much talent, smarts, and diversity of skills in this photo!

Former Zimbabwe missionaries, corporate executives, business administrators, farmers, pastors, an OB-GYN, Kenyan missionaries all led by a retired school principal...with the common thread of love for our Lord Jesus and commitment to the infant rescue ministry of Mahali pa Maisha.

All exuding a true joy that only comes with life in the Savior!

When Mahali pa Maisha became an independent nonprofit ministry 5 years ago, God put together this group of passionate believers to serve as its Board of Directors.  We were strangers with a common goal; now we are dear friends who might just find an excuse to get together for fun anyway even if we didn't have our annual board business meeting to attend to.



Over the weekend, we all shared this vacation home on Kentucky Lake for our annual MpM Board retreat and business meeting.

A couple of days filled with hugs, lots of laughter, heart-felt sharing, sorrowful tears, soaking up the beauty of God's creation, and much, much prayer.

Pretty much the perfect combination.



Of course, you can't stay on a lake without getting out in a boat.  A very hot but lovely evening for a sunset cruise...



Last year I saw an eagle and was hoping to see another.  Or any wildlife, for that matter.



Even a raccoon scavenging the lake's edge for his supper is photography-worthy for me....



First we spotted a juvenile bald eagle high in the tree....



As we slowly moved closer, he began shrieking that undeniable eagle's call...


I guess the teen was calling mom or dad for reinforcements...



Oh yeah....


That's what I'm talking about!  

Wow.  Just WOW.



Even the poor eagle was panting in the stifling heat...



Absolutely majestic!  We could hear lots of shrieking going on in the trees, but the others were well-hidden in the foliage.  Trying to stay in the shade, I'm sure.



And another gorgeous bird nearby...a great blue heron fishing at the water's edge.



We only live a few miles from Dave and Debbie, but we never knew them until MpM brought us together.  We always have a blast riding down to Kentucky together.  Such fun and godly people!



All capped off by a beautiful sunset reflecting across the lake!



Our next board meeting will be in February in Kenya!  We're calling it "Pamoji 2020," which means in Swahili "coming together."

Can't wait to reunite this wonderful group of friends on the other side of the world, doing hands-on ministry together at Mahali pa Maisha in a few months!

The world may think that Christians don't know how to have fun and are boring, but we know differently.

There is NOTHING boring about this Board!



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