None More Beautiful
Beetle Invasion

Highly Recommend


Love me a good book! 

But I don't read nearly as much as I'd like to...somehow by the end of the day when I've got time to sit down and relax, my eyes just don't wanna stay open.


Vacations are when I get my best novel-consumption in...and this past week I read a couple of great ones!

Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors, and Magic Hour was another wonderful story.  And I'd heard fantastic reviews for Where the Crawdads Sing, which is set in the marshy coastlands of North Carolina which are so familiar to my childhood.  I rarely purchase books but I did this one, and it's one of those books I am very likely to read again, which I almost never do.  I thought it was that good.

Two terrific reads from two wonderful authors.

I highly recommend.



Janetl Modjeski

Have read both, like you said terrific reads

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