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Go Away, Big Wind


"Your greed has divided neighbors, split families, ruined friendships, jeopardized the lives and safety of us all, and threatened the BEAUTY of our wildlife and countryside."

Last night, during a 4 1/2-hour meeting in front of an auditorium packed with over 800 people, the county planning commission did not approve the application for an industrial wind project in our county.  People showed up in droves, wearing black, almost exclusively against the wind turbines.

It was a huge victory for the vast majority of Henry County, although no one is naive enough to think that big Calpine Corporation will put its tail between its legs and leave.  There is sure to be another try.  And while I am overjoyed that those ugly monstrosities will not ruin our bucolic landscape, it is a bittersweet victory because I love people that don't agree with my anti-wind stance.

I wish Big Wind had never found little Henry County, Indiana in the first place and driven their money-hungry wedge between neighbors.  But they did and they have.  And hopefully, over time, those wounds will heal.  I pray we can come back together again and put this awful episode behind us.  

Go away, Big Wind.



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