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There's no group of friends quite like a girl's cousins.

My sisters and I were blessed with 9 of them on Dad's side, that we saw often and grew up alongside.  We spent hours together at family get-togethers...I realize now that we were making precious memories with forever friends, but at the time we just knew we were sure having a lot of fun!


As our family tree branched out, so did these cousins.  Life got busy and we didn't see each other often, but those childhood bonds are deep and strong.  Three years ago we decided it was high time we renewed those bonds and we began our yearly reunion of Hazel's Granddaughters.

Like our namesake Grandma Hazel, this group is a force to be reckoned with!



So much fun just catching up on each other's lives!



My cousin Denise gifted each of us with a family tree necklace!  We will treasure it, for sure.  And each time we wear it will be reminded of this group of women who were our very first friends.



Love these gals!  We were missing 3...hopefully someday we can ALL be together at once.

Oh-so-sweet with just the perfect amount of nuttiness.

Like fudge.



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