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May Miscellany


This spring in Indiana has been one for the record books.  And not in a good way.

All the farmers are struggling to get their crops planted, and the rainy days keep marching on.  This Amish farmer near our Hagerstown property feels the pressure too, trying to take advantage of a rare May sunny day with his 8-horsepower tiller.


Wild columbine-1

Wild columbine growing in my wildflower garden (Kim calls it my weed patch).  So delicate and lovely....



Safe or out???  That's my grandson Kaden, trying to score.  The umpire called him out, but Gramaw disagrees...pretty sure his knee is touching the plate before the ball touched him...



My dear friend Jan retired from Shenandoah Elementary this year.  She was hired as a school social worker, but she became the principal's right-hand-gal and friend to EVERYONE!  While we are all happy for Jan, hers are some shoes that will be very hard to fill....


Coral honeysuckle-1

The coral honeysuckle is blooming...bring on the butterflies!

Happy Hump Day, with a little...

...May miscellany.



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