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Sometimes a girl's just gotta stop and twirl!

I love children...their innocent boldness and uninhibited exuberance for life.  Somewhere through the years we lose that precious gift of childhood, replacing it instead with careful words and cautious smiles, always subdued and filtered with the thought that someone might see us and think we've lost our marbles.

We let the responsibilities of adulthood weigh us down and suppress our joy.  We become too serious.

Guilty as charged.

Lucy reminded me the other day that sometimes I just need to let all those feelings go, if only for a moment, and soak up the joy of the moment.



When the sunshine is on our face and spring has loosened winter's hold and we just feel light and carefree and bursting with joy, (even if someone may be watching and think we've gone looney tunes...) I think we all could use a little...





My girl <3

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