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Out with a Roar


First morning light from my cabin porch, March 31, 2019.

March began with snow and 5 degrees.  The month definitely came in like a lion.

Those 29 days that followed included several lovely warm sunny days with plenty of hints of spring.  In fact, on Saturday the 30th it was in the 50s.

But the March lion was not quite finished with us yet...he must have wanted to play an April Fool's trick on all of us in Hoosierland.  The bottom dropped out of the thermometer and all Saturday evening we watched it snow amidst a dramatic and rare background show of lightning and thunder.



On Sunday, March 31 we woke up to this...about 3" of snow and 25 degrees.

Yes, lambs ARE white and fluffy like snow.  But you can't convince me this is a "lamb's" exit.

March definitely went...

...out with a roar.



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