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This photo is from last April.  For the first spring since we moved onto the Gray compound (37 years ago), we are raising no baby chicks.

Kim has a hard time understanding the concept of downsizing when it comes to his "farming" pursuits.  Those 6 hungry mouths he had to feed are down to 2 not-so-hungry mouths that enjoy eating out more than we ought to.  We don't NEED to be butchering 50 chickens every year...we just don't eat them up that quickly.  And his laying hens (the little brown chicks) are usually prolific producers for a couple of years.

We still have lots of chicken in our freezer from last year and the hens are laying great, so Kim shocked me with his decision to have a chickless 2019.



Little Juni last year, holding one of the peepers.  My goodness, how she's changed in a year!



I'll never forget a touching incident that happened many years ago when I use to pick up our chicks at the local Farm Bureau store (now we order them through the mail instead),  As I was paying for them at the counter, an old lady with her cane came over to me and asked if she could see and hold one.  I opened the box and handed her a tiny peeping chick as tears crept down her crinkled cheeks.  She said seeing and hearing those baby chicks brought wonderful memories flooding back from her childhood on the farm.  After a few moments, she gently put the chick back in the box and sweetly thanked me with her grateful tear-filled eyes.  For just a few seconds there, those little chicks swept her away to happier times.

We (I say "we", but Kim did nearly all the chickenhouse work) certainly won't miss the extra time and energy they took, the large feed bills they rang up, or the higher electricity bills to keep them warm.

And we certainly won't miss the nasty job of butchering them...my goodness, what will we DO on Memorial Day and the 4th of July?

But I have to admit, I do kinda miss those cute little balls of fuzz and their tiny little peeps.





This is ground shaking news! Hard to imagine those two holidays without such a tradition. There's a time for everything...lol


Quite a surprise! Though I can remember my mom making the same decision. Time for the next generation to take charge of raising babies and chicks.


Wow!! I’m so shocked! Lol

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