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I got an exciting email this week!

I rarely enter contests, but dangle a meaningful prize out in front of me and if it's not too much trouble and I think I have a fighting chance of winning, once in a great while I just might throw my hat (or in this case my photos...) into the ring.

After our September 2018 safari to South Africa and Botswana, at the invitation of our safari planner at Africa Adventure Company I decided to enter a few of my photos in their annual contest.  I don't recall any mention of actual prizes, only that winning images would be used on their website and published in their annual catalogs.  Just having my photos acknowledged in such a way would be an honor in itself, and so I entered with that in mind.

I was thrilled that 2 of my images were chosen as winners...



This image of a pair of lilac-breasted rollers was chosen for 1st place in the "Birds" category....



...and this image of a lion guarding a giraffe carcass at sunrise was chosen for 2nd place in the category "Scenery."

If you're interested in seeing all the winning photos (there are some fantastic ones!), click here to see them all on the Africa Adventure Company website.

As a side note...during the entry process, Africa Adventure Company notified me that a couple of my images were too graphic, that they did not accept entries of kills for the contest.  I found that a little amusing, since witnessing a chase and kill is high on nearly every safari-goer's list (we've seen lots of chases and their aftermath, but never the actual kill)'s a huge part of the brutal life of survival in the bush.  I guess they don't want to assault the delicate senses of a few potential Western customers.  I'm not exactly sure what images offended them, as the most gory one I had was a lioness eating a zebra's leg,  I assumed the one above would be in that objectionable group, but won a prize!

While the recognition is nice, of course, the BEST PART is the prize that I didn't even know I was competing for...a 10% discount on our next AAC safari!!!

If you've ever priced safaris, that's a nice chunk of change!  And we certainly wouldn't want that chunk to go to waste, now would we?

For our next trip to Botswana, we really want to experience the Kalahari during the rainy summer season (which is January/February).  Early 2020 is already booked, so we're shooting for early 2021 to cash in on our prize.

And I can't think of a better prize for us than another African safari.

YAY, us!




Wow amazing Terry!!!

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