YAY, Us!
Out with a Roar

Stick Picker-Uppers


'Tis the season for cleaning up the small branches that Papaw pruned off the orchard trees earlier this year.



Last weekend Kim put his little stick picker-uppers to work.




It was a chilly morning but 5-year-old Krew and 3 1/2-year-old Juni were good helpers until they got too cold.



The great thing about kids is that they are close to the ground and it's a whole lot easier for them to bend over hundreds of times.



Of course the tractor ride with Papaw to dump the sticks on the burn pile was the best part.  Krew loves riding the tractor.  Juni not so much...



The next day Kelsey helped him.  She really "sticks" to the job (such a punster, I know...) and is a great little worker!



Kassie is like her Gramaw.  We prefer to sit on the porch and chat instead of picking up sticks. 

Some things are just Kim jobs.  And picking up sticks is one of them....after all, he's the one who keeps planting all those trees!



The orchard got cleaned up, but much more importantly Papaw enjoyed having his grandkids working alongside him.  

And I loved watching our cute little...

...stick picker-uppers.



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