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Spanning the Flatrock


As you probably know if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, I am enamored with covered bridges.



Especially in the winter.

Or spring.  Or summer.  Or fall.

Covered bridges captivate me any time of the year!  But surrounded by white snow and bare trees, they have their own special beauty in winter.



I had the chance to check out a couple more Rush County, Indiana bridges a few days ago, just a mile apart and both spanning the Flatrock River.

This one is the Norris Ford Bridge, built in 1916 by E.L. Kennedy and Sons.

If I had the time and motivation, I could make this a much more scenic photo by photoshopping out those distracting and ugly yellow signs.

But no time today.  It is what it is.



I LOVE driving through these gorgeous structures!



A very nice view of the Flatrock from the bridge windows....



And the other side of the river...



Not another soul in sight...so quiet and peaceful....



Downstream a mile is its older sister/aunt covered bridge, the Smith Bridge, built in 1877 by A. M. Kennedy and sons (which I'm guessing probably includes E. L...).



Too many electric poles and signs for my liking...but guess I will think of it as an artistic juxtaposition of the old world and the new.



The Smith has some elegant scrollwork designs and decorative corbels that were apparently out of vogue by the modern days of 1916 when the Norris Ford was built, when a more clean look was preferred.





I'm so glad these bridges have been maintained over the years for me to enjoy.

Such charming structures...

...spanning the Flatrock.



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