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End of the Elementary Era


Last August, these sweet 10-year-old feet took to the basketball court, and Karter's last season playing for our elementary school began.


Here they are, Shenandoah Elementary's 5th-grade Raiders, 6 months and 51 games later.  I'm a bit quite partial to that cutie in the middle front row...the one with the blue socks and heart-melting smile.  

Yes...51 games!  That is a LOT of competition for a group of 10- and 11-year-olds!

What a great season they had, compiling a final record of 41-10.  Karter and company played their way into the championship round at Best Choice Fieldhouse in Fishers and played their hearts out battling in the final game, only to come up short against a very athletic and skilled team from Indianapolis's gigantic school/sports powerhouse Warren Central for a second-place tournament finish.

Not shabby, not shabby at all!  Although there were a few tears of disappointment, these boys have come a long way and tough games like that will only make them better for the future.



What a fun ride as we've witnessed these boys improve so much over the past couple of years!  I'm excited to see them grow up together into great basketball athletes but also, and MUCH more importantly, great people!  They are sure off to a great start on both accounts, for sure.  

How is it possible that in just 5 months they will be middle-schoolers?!  Goodness...hard to believe, for these boys...'s the end of the elementary era.



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