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A WHALE of a Time


Kim and I are back home in Indiana after an incredible week of whale-watching and other sundry activities in Baja Mexico.

Y'all know how it is after a vacation...I'm trying coax my inner clock back on Indiana time, unpacked and laundry done, get caught up on my duties in the church office, and I absolutely must go to the grocery store if we want to eat in the next few days. 

But what I REALLY want to be doing is going through my photos...

We were overwhelmed with the majesty of God's creation!  Cold and wet much of the time but who cares when you are blessed to spend days and evenings laughing with new friends, listening to and sharing amazing stories of past expeditions and dreaming of new adventures, eating way too much delicious fare, soaking up breath-taking and unique scenery, not to mention witnessing 50 of some of the largest sea mammals in their own environment. 

I'll share lots more soon, but what a week...

We had a WHALE of a time!



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