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Wicked Winds of the West


If you live anywhere in the mid-section of the United States, I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know.  And experience.

The weekend's winds were WICKED!

How does one photograph the wind???  Assuming, of course, you can even stand up and hang onto your camera in the 60+ mph wind gusts.

And did I mention that the winds were FRIGID as well as WICKED?!

Monday morning, the winds had died down and the sun broke out and the damage assessment began.



Besides a few branches and limbs plus several things blown around on the porch, the only real damage we sustained were several shingles blown off our roof.

Our cabin is only 7 years old, so one would think the shingles would stay put, but oh, that wind was nssty!



Thankfully the main damage was to the garage roof, and Kim's got a roof man coming in the next day or so.  Always something to fix, it seems...

Those sure were some...

...wicked winds of the west.



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