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Tag-Along Treat


Last evening, Kim had an unexpected early evening sales meeting with a prospective client in Indianapolis, and he invited me to tag along.

I try to never turn down an offer like that, because it usually means dinner out.  In a nice restaurant.

And I'm all about that.



I may have found a new favorite.  Italian is my food genre of choice, and we discovered this one in the Broad Ripple area which is excellent!  We WILL be back, for sure.

Not only is the food fabulous, but Mama Carolla's was voted one of the Top 50 Most Romantic Restaurants in the US.

I'm all about romance.  And Italian food.  Not necessarily in that order...



My one lament about Italian restaurants is I'm not crazy about traditional Italian desserts, like tiramisu or cannoli.  

Although I do like gelato, aka Italian ice cream.  Come to think of it, I've never met an ethnic ice cream I didn't like...

But Mama Carolla is one smart Italiano...she borrowed the best from her French neighbors and added creme brulee to her menu.

Creme brulee.

Topped with black raspberries.

Now THAT's what I call...

...a tag-along treat.



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