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Winter Garden

Just one week into 2019, and I've aleady finished reading 3 books.

That is not normal for me.  I do enjoy reading, but I'm not a fast reader and I usually linger on a book for awhile.  But when I put my Christmas decorations away and noticed again the growing queue of books I planned to read, I thought I better get on it!

I just finished "Winter Garden".  Kristin Hannah has become one of my favorite authors and this one was great, just like the others.  She writes amazing sagas about strong women who survive incredible odds, the amazing human spirit.  Fantastic read...kind of thick, but I couldn't put it down.


Every Breath

Although some of his novels strike me more than others, Nicholas Sparks never disappoints.  I mean, when the novel's set in one of the most beautiful and special places on the face of the earth, the beach of North Carolina, it's hard to go too far wrong.  Add some romance and a tender love story and he's made me happy.  But for this one Nicholas Sparks adds another element dear to my heart to those of the romantic interests is a safari guide from Africa.  Throw that into an already-winning my opinion, Sparks's best book ever!!!


Winter Garden

Watch out 2019...anything that is cluttering up my cabin or life is OUTTA HERE!  

I'm not jumping off the deep minimalist end, but I AM deep-cleaning my life and surroundings.  Simplicity reins for 2019.  Even our church sermon and study series to start the New Year is about slowing down, simplifying our lives so we can get closer to God.

I like this book because it's practical and gives a methodical way of decluttering our home, one room at a time.  I've already begun the "Big Cleanse"...I've got the momentum now, hopefully it doesn't fizzle on me.  My goal is to be my version of "minimalized" by my May birthday.  We shall see....


Winter Garden

Next on the docket.  This book comes highly recommended and is based on a true story of an American family.  It's also a testimony to the strong spirit of survival that God has created in very favorite book theme.  I can't wait to dive into it tonight.

Book #4 of my...

...reading frenzy.




I just reserved that Joshua Becker book as well! I have really enjoyed listening to his podcasts.

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