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Old (Play)Skool Fun


This Playskool train set is 30 years old. 

Santa brought it to our house on Christmas 1988, when their daddy Kamaron was just 2 years old.  While I've gotten rid of most of my kids' toys, I've kept a few things that were special and this train made the cut.



I came across it when we were digging out our Christmas decorations, and it was the perfect indoors activity when Krew and Juni came to stay with me one cold snowy morning.



Krew, who is almost 5 years old now, has an engineer's (not the train sort but the creating/building sort) mind, so I knew he would like putting the track together and figuring out all the details.

I got him that shirt for Christmas...definitely suits him!



And Juni (my 3-year-old blonde blue-eyed beauty), well, if Krew can do it so can she!



A wonderful morning with my two sweet grandkids and some...

...old (Play)skool fun!




Krew loved it and is still asking daily to go back and see you Gramaw! :)

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