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Little Blessings


Eight months ago, God dropped two very unexpected little blessings into the life of our family.


Precious foster children (I so wish I could show you their innocent and beautiful faces...that's against the rules which are very hard for this photographing-crazed Gramaw to follow...), entrusted to the care of my daughter and her husband, who instantly went from a zero- to two-child family with literally one phone call.

I remember the excitement and uncertainty and overwhelmedness of that day last May.  E and Z lovingly embraced them into their home and pretty much survived a week of Baby Boot Camp learning from scratch how to parent two littles.  They've done and continue to do an excellent job, bringing structure and security and oodles of love into their young lives.

And into the life of our extended family as well.  We've all scooped them up as one of our own.

We know it is most probably temporary.  But for now, and until the courts rule otherwise, they are our...

...little blessings.




You may never know who reaps the most blessing from this. E and Z or the children or the extended family. I'm praying that seeds of hope and faith are planted deeply in these little ones.


That first picture just melts my heart!

Terri Chapman

True blessings:)

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