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Butt Why???


I'm a die-hard Charmin fan.

And yes, I do spend extra money for ultra-soft and quilted luxury toilet paper.  After all my bottom's been through (stage 3 rectal cancer in 2015), it deserves all the extravagance it can get.

I know this is definitely a first-world "problem" (in most third-world countries I've visited, even thin, flimsy, scratchy TP truly IS a luxury and often not available...), but...I mean BUTT...

What's with the new tear-off perforation???

The new packages I've recently bought (yes, I said packageS because I always keep plenty on hand!) have replaced the standard straight line perforation with a scalloped one.

I know, change is hard for people and human nature causes us to resist it.  But  Butt I was perfectly happy with the well-marked, easy-to-tear straight line instead of now having to search for the line and then it looks like it was just ripped willy-nilly in any random place on the roll.

I'm sure there's corporate rationale behind this change.  No doubt several toilet-paper-expert minds spent hours of research on the viability and especially profitability of this change before making it happen.  Kim says nothing happens in corporate America unless it increases the bottom line.



I wish I knew someone from Procter & Gamble who could address this query of mine.  

Oh wait...I DO know a P&G someone!  My son Kyler...although his expertise is in the laundry products department, surely he heard rumblings from the toilet paper department about this earth-shaking change.  Next time I see him, I'll be sure to ask...

...butt why???



Martha Hershauer

Also, why is ALL toilet paper getting narrower? Also bottom line I suspect.

Kamaron Gray

Haha...Mom, too funny!

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