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What a fabulous way to start a new week...getting up at the frosty crack of dawn to drive to Indy for a colonoscopy!

I mean, really, can life get more exciting than that?

Since my rectal cancer 3 years ago, colonoscopies have become somewhat routine for me.  I really don't mind them too's nice to have the peace of mind that comes from a clear colon.  Once a person has had cancer, there's always that lingering question in the back of their mind wondering if it's going to return.  You never quite feel like you're completely past it.

I am pleased to report that the doctor only found one small (6 mm) polyp which he removed and told me not to come back for 2 years.  (It will probably take that long for me to even think about drinking any more laxative-laced lemonade...the day-before prep is definitely the worst part!)  Oh, and he also said my surgical site from my cancerous tumor removal looked good.

Perhaps TMI for you, but it made me a happy girl!  A great report...

...from where the sun don't shine.



Donna Cronk

Love how you blend humor with something serious. You make us all more comfortable with these difficult topics. PRAISE GOD that all is well. Donna

Terri Chapman

PRAISE the LORD!!!!!


This is beautiful news on a not so sunny sided subject!!!

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