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I decided to try a different Christmas tree farm this year.



Millbrook Tree Farm is just about 10 miles from our cabin.  Every since we moved into the cabin 7 years ago (wow...can't believe it's already been that long!), I've been going by myself or taking along some grandsons to help me pick out our tree.  This year I planned to go alone, but when I asked Kim if he wanted to go along with me he surprised me by agreeing.

Kim loves Christmas as much as anyone else, but our Christmas tree has nearly always been a source of stress for our marriage.  We almost never fight...but if we do, it usually involves a Christmas tree.  So to keep the peace, it's a task I've taken on myself.

But I was THRILLED he was going along with me this year!  And he was even in a happy mood!



And then, we saw these. 

We had no idea that we had to actually CUT down the tree "ourselves."  I say "our"-selves because we know who never has sawed on a tree her whole life and has no intention of starting now.

At the tree farm we normally go to, you pick out your tree and then a worker from the farm cuts it down and hauls it up to the office for you.



Not at Millbrook.

They handed Kim (not me!) a saw and a cart and pointed us toward the acres and acres of Christmas trees.

(Although I did ask later about if I had come alone and didn't want to cut my tree down, they said someone would do it for me.  Whew!  For future reference...)



I've been on a canaan fir kick lately, so we looked there first and found several trees that I liked.



But Kim thought we shouldn't pick out the first tree we saw, so we walked around a lot and inspected hundreds of other trees...



...before returning back to our original spot and deciding on the second tree we considered.

At least it wasn't the first....



It was quite muddy and Kim wasn't really prepared to be a lumberjack that day, but he got down on his knees and did his job like the good man he is.



They shook it good, wrapped it up, and tied it on the top of our VeraCruz.

Just like in the old days....with a few modernizations....



I like to let my Christmas trees settle into their new home for a couple of days before decorating it.

Not sure why, exactly.  I just like to look at it all plain and simple and natural.



Yesterday we added the lights and garlands and ornaments we've collected for 38 years from all over the country and world.

Each ornament has a memory attached.  I love reminiscing with my man as we decorate.


He wasn't Grinchy about our Christmas tree this year.

I love my handsome lumberjack!



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