My Christmas Day
Cozy Cabin Christmas

I Was Two Mittens


Every December, Kristoffer and Dana's kids have a surprise activity each day leading up to Christmas. 

Dana, amazing mother that she is, comes up with unique ideas for each day and writes them on a paper mitten that the children open each day.

This year, I was two mittens.

Or I should say, I was a part of two mittens, on back-to-back days.



On Day #18, the twins did an activity with Mommy and Daddy while Kaden (8 1/2) and Karter's (10 1/2) surprise was to spend the night with Gramaw and Papaw.

We made personalized Christmas aprons (I love how Kaden made sure he specified exactly WHICH Kaden it belonged to...)...



...and then wore the aprons to make some chocolate-covered pretzels.



These two are both book lovers and between cooking and watching lots of basketball games with Papaw (he LOVED getting their take on games and players...they are much more informed than I am on this subject), they continued filling their heads with knowledge and trivial facts so they could stump Gramaw with questions that no one would know the answers to.  Except, of course, these two.

Even though I have a guest bedroom, they much prefer sleeping on the two couches and falling asleep watching basketball.



Monkey bread is a traditional favorite for breakfast when they sleep over.  They have become very good at making it!



Karter's bed head....or couch head!  



We do not skimp on the sugar....

After breakfast, the boys went home...and they opened the mitten for Day #19.



Now it was the Kassie and Kelsey's (both 6) turn to spend the night with Gramaw while the boys had a special activity with Mom and Dad.



Take 2 on the apron activity....



The girls did not have their nose in books or have any desire to watch ESPN with Papaw.  

Kassie had fun with some Christmas toys that Gramaw only has out once a year.



Kelsey with her new puppy Snuffy....



Kassie being, well, Kassie....our little drama queen...



They got out my art supplies, painting and drawing...and then extended a special invitation for me to attend a showing at their art gallery.

Love it...and them!


Overnight-23 Overnight-25

A bubble bath in Gramaw's tub...



Sometimes it great having a sister who knows just what you need!



My little breakfast cooks helped Gramaw make French toast.  

A little extra fun to my December too!  

I was blessed to be...

...two mittens.



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