A Very Kenny Christmas
My Christmas Day

"Good King Wenceslas"


We started back in October, 20 wonderful and talented children from our church family with a heart for ministry and one semi-crazy old lady (that would be me!) who sometimes jumps into things and then thinks later. 

Last weekend, it all came together beautifully (God STILL works miracles!) as they shared a delightful and meaningful Christmas musical, "Good King Wenceslas" (yes, it did take some practice to learn how to spell it and say it!) by Kathie Hill.  It's loosely based upon the life of a real 10th-century king of Bohemia who delighted in going out at night and giving to the poor, and the musical is rich with fun songs and corny jokes.  But weaving through the story is the recurring theme of God's ultimate gift to us in His Son Jesus and how Jesus taught us that it is more blessed to be a giver than a receiver.

My, how we do need that lesson in today's world!

I took ZERO photos during the performance, but I did snap a few of the cast as they prepared for their big performance.



Kaden as the Friar, their friend Matt as a Knight, and King Wenceslas himself, aka Karter...



Kelsey was charming as the little peasant girl...



True to Kassie's (on left) personality, she shone as a Lady-in-Waiting, all dressed up in her fancy costume...


Two of my adorable little angels, Grace and Willow.  At just 4 1/2, they added a cuteness factor, especially when they got stage fright up in front of all those people.  A few tears were shed and chuckles heard from the audience, but the older children didn't miss a beat.  The show must go on!



Two more of my beautiful Ladies-in-Waiting...new friends from our church family and it was fun getting to know them.



Lady-in-Waiting Evelyn and her Knight-in-Shining-Armor (at least for now...) Alex...



Knight Joe...another 4-year-old, he did great!  Only 1 quick trip off the stage to check with Mommy...



These two goofs, Alex and Kaden, are the best of friends....



...and they share a unique sense of humor.  Not sure what is happening in this photo....



Someone please catch Baby Jesus before he tumbles onto the floor....



At the end of the musical, the children passed out these gorgeous nativity cookies, created by my favorite cookie artist Dana.



Even after watching them rehearse all those times, seeing them perform still brought tears to my eyes.  

So VERY PROUD of them...and blessed to know and work with each one!  They are the bright hope for our future, and I am sure God will use them to do mighty things for His kingdom!

Sulphur Springs Christian Church's own fantastic cast for our rendition of....

..."Good King Wenceslas."



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