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Card Club Christmas Party


The official 2018 Christmas portrait of my euchre club group.



The unofficial portrait...when my girlfriends get together, they always bring lots of laughter and fun!



When we were making our Christmas party plans, someone suggested we wear our pajamas and all be super-comfortable.  No one chose that option this year, but Linda was sporting some very cute slippers!

Another friend (who shall go unnamed, but she knows who she is!) remarked that she'd have had to buy some pajamas.  Hmmm..."things" must be a lot more exciting at her house than they are at mine....



Of course, no Christmas party is complete without high-calorie goodies to eat!  Everyone brought some deliciousness to share.



We're a whole lot more than card partners!  These girls are life partners...we've known each other for years and years, through times of joy and laughter as well as seasons of grief and tears.  I can't imagine a better group of girls to ride life's rollercoaster with, and I'm so grateful for each one!


Amy led us in a giggle-filled game of "Balderdash"...what a creative bunch of little liars we COULD be...



Every time we moved our board piece, a candy piece (or two or ten) was also required...



We just finished year #2 as a group of euchre players, and I look forward to our time together each month.

Really, the cards are just an excuse for a night of laughter with some very special gals!

An enjoyable evening shared by all...

...our Card Club Christmas party.



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