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My Christmas Joys


There they Christmas joys!

Plus 2 more toddler fostergrandchildren that I can't show off here.  Eleven littles, all age 10 and under, will make this Gramaw's Christmas busy and magical and hectic and fun.

And joyful.  Extra JOYFUL!



So thrilled Abram (4 1/2 years) and Lucy (2 1/2) are back north after living in the south last Christmas!  And they've added baby brother Daniel, now 6 months old...what a precious family!



So thankful for my oldest four-next-door...they made me Gramaw! 



Kelsey & Kassie (6 years old) and their brothers Kaden (8 1/2) and Karter (10).  Love watching them grow up right before my eyes...

I didn't get a shot of Krew and Juni together...their daddy brought them over and they didn't have much time.  What extra minutes they did have were spent chasing kitties.

Priorities, you know...



A big chunk of my heart, right here.

My Christmas joys.



Terri Chapman

Adorable...and VERY blessed!!

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