Halloween Nostalgia
Trunk-or-Treat 2018

Farewell, October


October is truly one of my favorite months of the entire year...and how quickly it passed this year!


We had such a hot early fall, I wondered if we would see any glorious foliage this year. 



It happened a couple of weeks later than normal, but God did not disappoint!



The harvest was bountiful!  So.  Much.  Corn.



Kim picked his first persimmons off his young tree.  Now to figure out what to do with them...



And then, of course, the final day of October...Halloween.

My family came up with some pretty cool costumes.

Juni (3) was a precious little puppy dog....Krew (4 1/2) a handsome bat (if, indeed, bats can be handsome!).



Abram (4 1/2) was a dinosaur, Daniel (5 months) was Olaf the snowman, and Lucy (2 1/2) was cute little Minnie Mouse.



Emily and Zach and the two children in their care (I wish I could show you their sweet little faces!) went as Daisy & Donald Duck and Mickey & Minnie Mouse.



Kristoffer and Dana's family were characters from the Wizard of Oz.

Kassie (6), Karter (10), Kaden (8 1/2), Kelsey (6), and their parents pretty much nailed it!

Those costumes, my friends, are not to be taken lightly...I can tell just by looking that they required a lot of work!



And then, last and least, the Wonky Witch herself and her Mathemagician husband.  

Farewell, October.



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