Lagoon Lunch
Barn Cats

While The Parents Were Gone


Kristoffer and Dana spent a few days at Yellowstone National Park last week, and Kim and I were blessed with some "wildlife" of our own...Kelsey & Kassie (6 years old), Kaden (8),and Karter (10).

Searching for a ball in the overgrown flowerbed, Kelsey discovered a stash of 5 baby kittens, about 2 weeks old.



We knew their momma had given birth, but she's a wild thing and we didn't know where she had hidden her babies.



Kelsey found them. 

And their lives will never be the same.  It's a good thing they have 9 of them....



We only had them a couple of nights (thanks, Grandma Vicky, for tag-teaming with us!), but those days were filled with lots of energy, activity, and sweetness!



And, of course, monkey bread for breakfast!



I love it that when the grandkids come over they want to play "adventure."



When they get a little older, Gramaw and Papaw are going to take them on a big adventure!  But for now, they are pretending...



A tournament game of 5th-grade basketball at Best Choice Fieldhouse...



Karter's fan club is a little distracted by games on Gramaw's phone...



Kelsey gave Kassie a few shoe-tying lessons, right there on the bleachers.



A Raider victory deserves dinner at Bravo.

We loved hanging out with our 4 oldest grandchildren...

...while the parents were gone.



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