While The Parents Were Gone
Barn Cat Memories

Barn Cats


This newest litter of kittens is just the latest generation of a long legacy of barn cats on the Gray compound.

Over the 36 years that we've lived on this property, we've had hundreds of cats sleeping in our barns and roaming our property.  Never in the house...only as barn cats, earning their room and board by keeping the mouse population in check.



Juni's daddy Kamaron was raised playing with barn cats, and she's definitely got the kitty love bug herself.



In fact, all of the grandkids are obsessed with the kitties.  Kassie and Abram...






Lucy...all the kids search for the cats when they come to the cabin.



Kelsey is the cat whisperer.



She can coax normally-wild kitties to come to her when they would run and hide from most little arms.

Cats are smart. 



And patient, most of the time.



Krew looks so grown-up in this picture...how did that happen?!



Abram always has a cheesy smile ready for Gramaw's camera...



Who needs toys?



When you've got...

...barn cats.



Terri Chapman

Oh the Gray barn cats and kittens.. We loved on many of those in our days. I even remember once particular time, that we took 3-4 of them home to our house, and babysat while you were all out in CA @ Mark's wedding!! :)

And just here recently we learned of a "new" barn cat story from our sons !!

Love those little fur balls.

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