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Kam & Kyler June 1993

June 1993.  Kamaron (almost 7...look at those dirty legs and feet!) and Kyler (4 1/2), sitting on the back steps of our old house holding some of our cats from that era.

Watching THEIR children now loving on the kitties made me look back at old photos and remember....


Kyler June 1992

Kyler, 3 1/2 years old.  June 1992.


Gray kids June 1995

Emily (10), Kamaron (8), and Kyler (6), June 1995.

Emily and Kristoffer played with the cats some, but it was Kamaron and Kyler who always seemed to be carrying kitties around somewhere.


Gray kids June 1995

Or putting them in strange places.


Gray kids June 1995

Kyler 1995.

No doubt about where Daniel gets his big blue eyes...


Gray kids June 1995
Gray kids June 1995


Barn cat memories.



Terri Chapman

OMG -- these were some of the ones we babysat while you were in CA. The baseball helmet there explains what happened when we had them...I came out one morning to the garage to feed them, and couldn't find one of the (3) we had. Finally found him asleep curled up in the bile helmet (which was hanging from the bike bars at this time)!!

GREAT memories :)

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