Africa Adventures Await!
Walking in the Rain

Back to Reality


I'm home!  After 2 weeks, 12 different airplane flights along with travel by boat, van, bus, train, Land Rover, and foot across 3 African countries, Kim and my father-in-law Kenny and I arrived safe and sound back in the good ole USA early this week.

It's been CRAZY ever since!  Besides trying to get over jet lag from the 6-hour time difference and unpacking/laundry and general catching up, most of yesterday was spent dealing with having no internet service which involved purchasing and installing a new router, a couple of tech support calls to our provider, and finally a service call to get things up-and-running again.  If there's any headache I hate more than internet/computer issues, I don't know what that might be....

Sure doesn't take long to switch from relaxed vacation-mode into regular life, does it?

Back to reality.

(You can betcha I've got OODLES of photos and stories to share with you in the next couple of weeks...please be patient with me as I sort through the nearly 3000 photos from our trip...)



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