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Africa Adventures Await!


Today is the day we've been excitedly anticipating for months.



Our bags are packed...

Passport.  CHECK.

Travel documents.  CHECK.

Safari clothes.  CHECK.

Binoculars.  CHECK.

Bible.  CHECK.

Snacks.  (Always snacks)  CHECK.

Camera equipment.  CHECK.  And DOUBLE-CHECK!

Actually I check and double-check all of these things several times before we walk out the door.  I'm OCD when it comes to traveling.

Because of the tiny bush planes we'll be flying in once we arrive, we are limited to a total of 44 lbs. each and bag size can only be a medium-sized duffle, small enough to stuff in the very small luggage compartments.



Kim's dad Kenny is joining us on our latest adventure, his first trip across the ocean.  We are excited to share this amazing place with him!

Many thanks to our kids who will be holding down the Gray compound and taking care of our cabin and chickens and peacocks and goldfish.

Oh yeah...and our 3 still-to-hatch chrysalises.

No blog posts for a couple of weeks, as we'll be off-the-grid for the majority of our trip.  But you can be SURE I'll have lots to show and tell you when we return.

I'm soooo READY!

Africa adventures await!



Terri Chapman


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