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August Ladies


The boys will have their days, but so far in August it's been all about the ladies.



As you probably know (and if you don't, you should!), 99.9% of all the honeybees in a colony are females.

Yep, they do ALL the work, every single bit of it except fertilizing the queen (which, as we all can imagine, takes only a few seconds).  The ladies build the honeycomb, collect the nectar and pollen, make the honey, lay the eggs, clean the hive...ladies rule in the honeybee world.

And this is looking to be a good honey year.  The more supers (the shallow white boxes) stacked, the more honey.  So far we've got 6 filled supers and potential for a couple more.



And the queen has been prolific...there are probably close to 1 million honeybees in my hives right now.  When it gets too hot, they take turns coming outside to cool down the hive and themselves.



And the naked ladies are strutting their stuff!



These beautiful pink lilies grow their leaves in the spring and then die back, only to shoot up their blooms in August.

Some people call them August Lilies or Surprise Lilies, but I kinda like the name Naked Ladies...



Painted Lady butterflies are everywhere this time of year....



Kim always takes good care of his lady...on August 2 we celebrated 38 years of marriage.  He knows me sooo well....although I do love me some fancy gormet chocolates, a party package of plain M&M's is the ultimate candy surprise for me!



And, of course, I can't forget to mention these special ladies...my twin granddaughters Kassie and Kelsey who started a new adventure as kindergarteners this year.

Love all my...

...August ladies.



Anique Gray

Juni will be an August lady too in just a week! Love the creative post :)

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