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A Mighty Fine Man


See that man wearing the aqua shirt, making his way up to the front of this Hagerstown, Indiana crowd?

That's my father-in-law Kenny on one of the more thrilling nights of his 82-year life.

(Right behind, I'm sure, the thrill he felt when he found out 38 years ago that I was going to become his daughter-in-law...actually, when Kim told him that news Kenny just sat there and nodded his head...)



Every year, the community of Hagerstown honors one of its own with the coveted (and top secret) "Good Friend and Neighbor Award" at the annual Rural Urban Banquet.



Kenny was honored for his unselfish dedication and untiring service to the community. 

Very, very deserved!  This man is a giver!



Many of us in his family showed up as the award was given to surprise Kenny with our support.  This is the moment when Kenny realized we were all at the back of the room, cheering him on as he's cheered all of us on for all these years.



Dinners like this are not usually his cup of tea...kudos to my brother-in-law Kent for coaxing him there for the big surprise.



We were all so excited for him!  My daughter-in-law Dana offering her congratulations....



Thirty-two of us, Kenny's kids and their kids and grandkids, were there to show our support.

Literally 30 seconds after we took these photos, the skies opened up and spilled buckets of rain that had us all scurrying for cover!


Proud to be Kenny's daughter-in-law.

He's a mighty fine man.




Recognition such as this speaks loudly of a man who probably is as humble as he is deserving.

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