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My "baby" brother Mark and his family arrived at Mama's for a visit just as we were leaving for our week-long family vacation.

I hate that I only got to see my Texas peeps for a couple of hours, but at least I did get that much time with them!

None of us were at our best...they had just spent 20 hours on the road and I was frazzled trying to get my act together to spend my own 15 hours on the road the next couple of days.  It wasn't the best timing for either of us, but at least we did get to cross paths briefly.

I'm thinking a spring-break visit to Texas may be in order....



Twelve-year-old Blaise was twinning it with her 82-year-old Grandma!  Two cool House girls separated by 70 years!

On a side note, besides being a super-sweet and beautiful girl, Blaise is a very talented volleyball player on a top-notch team back in Texas.  Next year's nationals are in Indianapolis...we're hoping her 12U team makes it and we'll all be able to watch her play there the end of June 2019.



Blaise is the middle child of the Texas clan...sister Scout will soon be 9 and older brother Ethan will soon turn 15.  (15???  No way!!!)  Mark is a retired US Marine and now heads up a successful ROTC program at New Braunfels High School in Texas, and Alli is the glue that holds this busy household together.

They always bring lots of energy and fun when they come to visit!  I know Mama loved seeing them and I'm thankful I got to see them too, even for a brief time.

Just long enough to say...

...hi and bye.




Terri Chapman

What a GREAT picture!! Your Momma looks fantastic :)

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