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Capping Off a Sizzling Season

Amber Waves


One of the most beautiful summer country sights is a field of wheat ready for harvest.



Since late February, I've been enjoying this field just down the road from me every time I drive by it.  Wheat is the first thing to green up after a long dreary Indiana winter, and reassures my winter-weary self that spring is indeed on the way.

I love watching wheat grow, slowly trading its green verdancy for statuesque golden waves, gently swaying in the breeze,...



...heads bowing with the weight of ancient life-sustaining grains of wheat ready for harvest.



Every day last week as I drove by, I told myself I needed to stop and take a photo of this field, because it would soon be harvested.  

Last Friday morning I happened to have my camera in my car and a few extra minutes, so that's exactly what I did.



Friday afternoon as I drove back home, the farmers were just finishing piling the last bales of straw onto the wagon.  I had grabbed my few photos just in the nick of time.



We may not have ocean waves to soothe our Hoosier souls, but we do have...

...amber waves.




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