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Daniel and Papaw finally had a little snuggle time together last week.

Since Daniel was born a month ago, Papaw hasn't had really much of an opportunity to get some newborn snuggling in.  (I guess over the years he's learned not to snatch babies out of Gramaw's arms...and I'm not very good at sharing sometimes...)



So last week Kim and I made a visit to Ohio to give him (and me too!) some time with Daniel and his siblings Lucy and Abram.

Oh yeah...and their parents too.



Our son Kyler worked from home that morning so we could visit with him too.

As you can see, he took a few necessary breaks from "working"...



As is recently the case, Abram requested that we watch a few rocket launches with him.

Rockets are his latest obsession interest. 

Rockets fit well into his fire/smoke progression:  candles--> burn piles --> volcanoes --> rockets.  If it involves fire and smoke, Abram's all over it.



Four-year-old Abram explained how he was filling up his [coffee can] rocket with [blanket] rocket fuel.

It's quite a versatile coffee can.  A few moments later it transitioned into a volcano and the blanket became lava.  He knows way more about rockets and volcanoes than Gramaw does...

I love his imagination!!!  That child is going to do great things some day!



And this one....

Two-year-old Lucy is a charmer and way ahead of the toddler game.



Those big blue eyes just sparkle!  



Someone should do a word count on these two in the course of a day.  I'll bet they out-talk normal 4- and 2-year-olds by double or even triple!  Those little minds are always working...



...and their little bodies are always moving!  

And yes, that is a baseball bat decorating their mantle.  I'm pretty sure it had been confiscated prior to our arrival...



Little Daniel is going to grow up to be tough, verbal, and mobile.

It's called SURVIVAL.  And I have no doubt he will be all three!



He's already PERFECT!

Oh my goodness, we love him so!!!



He's such an easy-going little fella, but he does squall once in awhile!



Like when Mommy takes his pants off. 

Daniel loves to be swaddled and cozy.  He must take after Gramaw Terry in that respect.



One has to wonder where those children get their rowdy energy...

At 6' 5", Kyler makes a BIG headstand.  I guess it's a 6' 5" headstand!

I have no doubt that Lucy will soon master it too.  



A visit to see our Ohio grandbabies always puts a smile in our hearts!



And Kim was glad it was finally...

...Papaw's turn.





Whew, that was a lot to capture in just half a day! Looking at those pictures wore me out. No wonder I'm always ready for bedtime.

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