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Next Stop: Western Kentucky University


Meet our great-nephew Sam, a recent graduate of Floyd Central High School in southern Indiana.



Sam is the son of our niece Heather and her husband Scott.  And sister Emma is just one year behind...she will be graduating next year!



Kim, his dad Kenny, and I drove down to attend Sam's graduation celebration last weekend.

Sam now has the dubious distinction of having the HOTTEST graduation Open House we have ever attended.

95 the shade....




Not only did we get to congratulate Sam, but it was fun visiting with his grandparents (Kim's sister Pam and husband Dave) and also our niece/Sam's aunt Leslie.  That's her youngest daughter Fern sitting on her lap.



Best antidote for heat, that I know of, is ICE CREAM!  Or frozen custard works too!  My favorite area of the celebration was the Culvers tent....



Congratulations from Sam's Great-Grandpa Kenny!



What does Sam want to be when he grows up?  A photojournalist.

His dream job?  Working for National Geographic!

Hey, that's MY dream job!!!  But since at 61 I'm probably not going to achieve that dream, I'll pass the torch on to Sam.  But I did remind him to remember his Aunt Terry when he makes it big!

But before that, a degree in photojournalism awaits...

Next stop:  Western Kentucky University.




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